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Message  Zhenji le Lun 15 Déc - 18:31

Anub'Rekhan is a fairly general "tank and spank" fight. There are a few mechanics to Anub'Rekhan, which need to be taken into consideration.

First is the Locust Swarm. When Anub'Rekhan starts to cast Locust Swarm, the tank should begin to run around the outer edge of the room (outside of the slime), while the melee run back to the opposite side the tank is kiting. The tank should be careful not to step in the slime as doing so will severely reduce his health and stack a debuff. If correctly done, the tank will be out of range of the Locust Swarm. The Locust Swarm debuff (seen here) will continuously stack on whoever is in range. Shortly after the Locust Swarm completes, the tank should reposition Anub'Rekhan facing away from the raid near the alcove.

The next mechanic are the adds that come. Two different sets of adds appear during the fight. The first will be a single Crypt Fiend that comes after Locust Swarm. All the DPS should be on this add while the tank is repositioning Anub'Rekhan. The add is not much of a challenge for the DPS to kill, but does hit decently hard and should be tanked by someone with plate armor stats, even if that is a DPS tanking. The second is a group of adds that spawn from the Crypt Fiend. Anub'Rekhan can spawn these adds (Corpse Scarabs) any time after the Crypt Fiend dies. Anyone with an AoE ability should kill the Corpse Scarabs. If any happen to go to the tank, single target them down.

The last major mechanic of Anub'Rekhan is the Impale ability. Every so often, Anub'Rekhan will turn towards the raid and shoot spikes from the ground at a random person. These spikes cause several thousand damage and throw people up into the air. Due to this mechanic, the raid should try to spread out if possible.

If all goes well, Anub'Rekhan should be dead within 3-4 Locust Swarms. Good luck!

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